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The Restaurant

The restaurant offers a seasonal menu. The pleasures of the palate are celebrated with a deep respect for fresh and local produce, the vegetables coming from our vegetable garden. In the words of Guy de Maupassant:

“Of all the passions, the only noble one, in my opinion, is the love of food.”

An authentic living space, the open kitchen sets the tone…

Restaurant opening hours

Lunch 12 pm – 2 pm
Dinner 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm
Open 7/7

The restaurant offers you a warm welcome in a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere.

The restaurant is situated on the banks of the river. Its tables are adorned with tastefully selected decorations. Traditional cuisine is served, combining gourmet finesse with the flavours of good home-cooking. The open kitchen removes the barrier between chef and diner. To ensure the seasonality of its vegetables, the BEL AMI grows its own using semi-organic methods.

The menu is designed to satisfy the requirements of every taste and budget.

Reassuringly short, the menu highlights the freshness of the seasonal produce.

A “menu board” with a wealth of market produce and produce sourced from our local suppliers.

Our top priorities are a respect for seasonal produce, the produce itself and how it is cooked, and finally, its presentation. You will be captivated by our mastery of all three aspects.

Our goal

We want you to discover the true taste of each item on the menu, starting with a simple soup, perhaps, or a splendid rib of veal with chanterelle mushrooms.

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